Financial Assistance for Needy Persons

Financial Assistance for Disable Person is a one time grant meant for the relief and rehabilitation of the poor and the needy particularly disabled. Maximum ceiling of Assistance is PKR 10,000/- per individual.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Istehqaq is determined by District Bait ul Maal committees of the area of permanent residence of the applicant living below poverty level with preference to disabled.
  • People who are shelterless and facing emergent financial problems.
  • Those who are not getting financial assistance from zakat or Pakistan Bait ul Maal.
  • Disabled are given priority over others.

How to Apply

The deserving person can apply for financial assistance to the Chairman, District Bait ul Maal Committee of the area of his/her residence. District Bait ul Maal Committee, keeping in view of the financial condition of the applicant, may determine or reject his/her Istehqaq.