Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Council established? Top
Punjab Bait-ul-Maal was established under Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Ordinance 1989 which was promulgated on 24th Jan, 1990.  
What are the various tiers of Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Council? Top
  • Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Council
  • Administrative Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • District Bait-ul-Maal Committees
What is the organizational setup of Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Council? Top
  • Office of the Ameen
  • Office of the Deputy Administrator 
  • District Bait-ul-Maal Committees in each District
Who is eligible to receive Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Assistance? Top
A citizen of Punjab living below poverty line is eligible for receiving this assistance.  
Are non-Muslims eligible for Bait-ul-Maal Assistance? Top
Non-Muslims are also eligible to receive assistance/support from Punjab Bait-ul-Maal.  
Under what heads Bait-ul-Maal Funds are distributed? Top
Bait-ul-Maal Funds are distributed under the following heads:
  • Financial Assistance
  • Assistance to NGOs
  • Marriage Grant
  • Medical Treatment
  • Student Stipend
What are the distribution channels of Bait-ul-Maal Funds? Top
Punjab Bait-ul-Maal Council transfers funds to District Bait-ul-Maal Committees in Punjab. District Bait-ul-Maal committees distribute funds among the deserving people.  
What are the functions of District Bait-ul-Maal Committees? Top
Determination of deserving persons and distribution of funds among them is the core functions of District Bait-ul-Maal Committees (DBMCs).  
What is Financial Assistance? Top
Financial assistance is a one-time stipend provided to the needy, indigent, poor and deserving people living below the poverty line through District Bait-ul-Maal Committee of the area of his/her residence.  
What is maximum limit of Financial Assistance? Top
The maximum limit of financial assistance is PKR 10,000 per annum (subjected to availability of funds).  
What is the application procedure for Financial Assistance? Top
The deserving person can apply in writing to the Chairman, District Bait-ul-Maal Committee of the area of his/her residence. District Bait-ul-Maal Committee concerned will process the application, keeping in view the financial condition of the applicant. After necessary evaluation, the eligibility is determined by the District Bait-ul-Maal Committee or application is declined otherwise.   
Who are preferred for Financial Assistance? Top
Chronic poor including widows, disabled, orphans, aged persons are preferred for the said financial assistance.  
What is Educational Stipends? Top
Educational Stipends are meant for poor and needy students at college or university level getting education in the educational institutions established by the Government.  
What is the application procedure to the Educational Stipends? Top
A deserving student can apply to the chairman District Bait-ul-Maal Committee. Eligibility will be determined by the District Bait-ul-Maal committee of the area of his/her residence.   
What is Medical Treatment Grant? Top
Medical Treatment Grant is the facility of free medical treatment available to deserving/needy in DHQ, THQ, RHCs and BHUs and in the national level leaching hospitals. Free treatment is subjected to determination of eligibility by the District Bait-ul-Maal Committee of the area of permanent residence of the patient.
Is Medical Treatment Grant available in cash to deserving patients in hospitals? Top
No, only medicines, tests, artificial limbs, medical treatment including operation, bed in general ward of the patient are provided by the concerned hospital.  
What is the application procedure to get free Medical Treatment in hospital? Top
The deserving patients will get a certificate/form approved from the District Bait-ul-Maal Committee of his/her area and submit the form in the hospital to the Medical Social Officer for free medical treatment.  
What is the application procedure for Marriage Grant? Top
The deserving person can apply to the Chairman District Bait-ul-Maal Committee for Marriage Assistance and District Bait-ul-Maal Committee will release funds as per procedure.  
What is the upper limit of Marriage Grant? Top
The maximum amount of Marriage Grant is PKR 20,000 (subjected to availability of funds).  
Where does Bait-ul-Maal money go? Top
Bait-ul-Maal money is spent only on the poor and needy peoples. Each penny is audited and accounted for under a number of checks and balances.