Punjab Bait ul Maal Ordinance 1989 was promulgated on 24th January-1990. It was followed by promulgation of Punjab Bait ul Maal Act, on 30th March 1991. Punjab Bait ul Maal Act 1991 was Amended in 1994. Now it is functioning under the Punjab Bait Ul Maal Rules 2003 (Amended).

Punjab Bait ul Maal was established to perform the following functions:

  • Relief and rehabilitation of the poor and the needy particularly poor widows and orphans
  • Educational assistance to the poor and deserving students
  • Medical assistance to the poor
  • Any other purpose of public utility particularly where the beneficiaries would be the disadvantaged sections of the society

Increasing and expanding the social assistance programs of social safety networks for the under privileged sections of the society such as the disabled, widows, orphans, the indignant, the destitute and the sick through Bait-ul-Maal and other such institutions in public and private sectors.

Provide professional, medical and financial assistance to patients and addicts and their families through professional social workers, hospitals, health welfare committees (Zakat), patients welfare societies (NGOs) and District Bait-ul-Maal committees.

The services rendered by the department contribute towards welfare and poverty alleviation of the under privileged and the poor segments of the society, (such as widows, orphans, destitute, poor patients, the disabled, socially oppressed and the poor, particularly women) through direct financial assistance and interest free loans, institutional care, training and rehabilitation, through financial allocations by the government as well as ensuring mobilization of private resources through voluntary contributions by registered social welfare agencies.