Marriage Grant

The aim of marriage grant is to provide financial assistance to the unmarried women or their guardians who cannot afford marriage expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Istehqaq is determined by District Bait ul Maal committees of the area of permanent residence of the applicant living below poverty level with preference to widows and orphan
  • Poor parents who are unable to bear expenses on marriage of their daughters
  • Ceiling of assistance is Rs. 35,000/- per family per daughter
  • Daughters whose Nikkah ceremony has been held are eligible to get assistance on production of Nikkah Nama within 90 days
  • Priority is given to:
    • Widows
    • Poor guardians of orphan girls
    • Poor & destitute parents

How To Apply

The deserving person can apply for Marriage Grant to the Chairman, District Bait ul Maal Committee of the area of his/her residence. District Bait ul Maal Committee, keeping in view of the financial condition of the applicant, may determine or reject his/her Istehqaq.