Medical Treatment

This is a health safeguard for poor patients who cannot afford expenses for their treatment. Bait ul Maal funds for medical treatment of the deserving (mustahiq) patients are provided to provincial level/teaching hospitals, district headquarter hospitals and tehsil headquarter hospitals of Government of the Punjab. Hospitals after receipt of grant from District Bait ul Maal Committees provide free medical treatment from Bait ul Maal funds to the mustahiq patients. Bait ul Maal fund for this purpose is not provided to the beneficiaries in cash.

Eligibility Crteria

  • Treatment expenses are out of reach of the patient
  • Ceiling of assistance is fixed at Rs.50,000/- per patient granted by respective District Bait ul Maal Committee
  • Patients admitted in a government hospital or medical institution of a registered NGO is eligible to get one time assistance
  • Assistance is disbursed to patients through patient welfare societies functioning in all tehsil/district HQ hospitals
  • Assistance for treatment with in the country is permissible only
  • Istehqaq is determined by the District Bait ul Maal committee of the area of permanent residence of the patient

How to Apply

  • To apply for the treatment, the mustahiq patients will get a Istehqaq Form/certificate from the District Bait ul Maal Committee of his/her area and submit it  to the Health Welfare Committee of the concerned hospital for free medical treatment. Applications are processed by a Patient Welfare Sociey headed by the Medical Superintendent.